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Battery Powered LED Pinspots


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Battery Powered LED Pin Spots

This is the newest addition to our ever-expanding, diverse inventory.

The warm white LED fixtures are battery-powered with Lithium Ion batteries which last for over 8 hours and a remote control allows easy on/off capability and dimming options.

These have a VERY NARROW 3° beam.

The lightweight fixture is balanced so it can simply be set on a shelf or level surface and still be focused at a 90° angle downwards.  The fixture has a super-strong magnet that allows for EASY installation to anything metal either by using a ladder or specially designed tool that allows installation, from the ground, up to about 22 ft. high.  The special tool has a separate attachment that allows for focusing, also from the ground, up to 22 ft. high.  These are perfect for low ceilings with no rigging points for traditional pinspots and really excellent for suspended ceiling tile applications.

There are a variety of brackets and attachments to fit most every challenging application…and if nothing exists…we will create an attachment for your needs.

led pin spots
led pin spots
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